What are you waiting for?

Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

This morning I had one of those generative conversations with my dear friend Vanessa, and this question came up.

What are you waiting for?

In these exceptional times, I often have the feeling that a lot of us, particularly our leaders, are holding on and waiting for something to happen and solve everything.

I don’t know what, and I’m quite sure nobody knows, but we wait. A cure, a saviour, a brilliant solution that will make all of this disappear?
I have no idea.
Though we wait.
And we hold on.
But how long can we do it?
How long can you hold on?

I’ve always been a master of holding on.
I held on so many times in my life while I was waiting for things to happen, for someone to say something, for changes to manifest.
I held on without doing or saying anything but waiting.
Sometimes my waiting was rewarded, often I just remained hanging and bitter, until I forgot what I was waiting for.
Maybe I’m just getting older, and I don’t have the energy to hold on as I used to. Or perhaps I am changing.
What I know is that lately, I asked myself that question a few times; “what am I waiting for?”

And then, I found the courage to talk, to ask and to act.
Small things, for now, it is still a long journey.
Yet something is shifting, and things are happening around me.

If you feel you’re not living the life you want, or you’re not getting the things you desire, or you’re not getting the answers you seek, or maybe you do not see the change you yearn, then check with yourself if you’re just holding on and waiting.

In that case, allow me to ask you with the utmost love and respect; what are you waiting for?



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Fabio Salvadori

Fabio Salvadori


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